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The School of Foreign Studies of China University of Political Science and Law (SFS-CUPL) is an institute of multilingual and inclusive teaching and research institute. Its predecessor was the Department of Foreign Languages, which was founded in September 1994. In 1952, CUPL set up the Teaching and Research Office of Culture and Sports, under which the Teaching Group of Foreign Languages was established. In 1979, CUPL set up the Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Office. With expansion of enrollment, CUPL set up the Foreign Languages Teaching Department subsequently in June 1987, the Department of Foreign Languages in September 1994, and the School of Foreign Studies in June 2002.

As of January 2019, the School has 96 full-time faculty members, including 16 full-professors, 46 associate professors and 23 assistant professors. In terms of their educational background, 55 have PhD, accounting for 57.3% of all; 74 have overseas academic experience, accounting for 77.1% of all; 36 teachers have multi-disciplinary educational background of foreign languages and law, accounting for 37.5% of all. There are 24 master supervisors and two doctoral supervisors. In general, our School has a stable team of teachers, with reasonable age proportion, structures of professional titles, and multi-disciplinary educational background.

Currently, SFS-CUPL offers four Master of Arts programs in foreign language and literature (including English, German, French and Russian ), a Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) program and three Bachelor of Arts programs (including English, German, and Translation and Interpreting). The School has five institutes (i.e. the Institute of English Studies, the Institute of German Studies, the Institute of French Studies, the Institute of Russian Studies and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting), three sections (i.e. the Section of English Teaching and Research for Undergraduates, the Section of Foreign Language Teaching and Research for Postgraduates and the Section of Spanish Teaching and Research) and an Education Center for Master of Translation and Interpreting. The School also offers college foreign language courses to students of other majors in CUPL (including foreign languages for undergraduates and postgraduates). The languages courses we offer include English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The School proactively promotes and supports teachers’ various academic researches and sponsors academic seminars at home and abroad. Between 2014 and 2017, our faculty successively took charge of three Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China and five research projects of provincial and ministerial level, and one teacher served as the editor in chief of an international academic journal International Journal of Legal English. During this period, our faculty published 568 papers (including translated texts) and 80 books (including translated works), and authored 24 textbooks and reference books. To push forward academic communication, SFS-CUPL successively sponsored and organized several international and national academic conferences and seminars, thus building important communication platforms for teachers to improve their academic standards and to enhance their teaching and research capacities.


School of Foreign Studies, CUPL
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